Solid… Liquid… Glass... my work is the magical transformation of a material that has no ordered structure—like water—that allows itself to be penetrated and illuminated by light.  Glass is the most exquisite way to give material form to little dreams that can be cherished and worn close to the body, while exploring its ever-changing beauty in variable light settings.


I choose to work specifically with Murano glass (famous for its purity of color) because of its bright and deep hues. My inspiration comes primarily from nature, but also from dream-like visions, sensations, or memories from travels to lands of ice and fire such as Iceland, the Azores or Africa.


My atelier is in rural Bretagne, France, nestled between wheat and corn fields. There I can take the time to reconnect with the essence of my work: the act of creation, the wonder and risk of experience, the idea of flirting with beauty and light, the love of nature, and everything that gives my work energy and meaning.


Corinne Guérout, graduate graphic designer.

Discovery of glass in 1994.

Apprenticed with Chantal Royant in 1999 (fusing), and Jean-Pierre Baquère for flamework in 2000.

Creation of glasspaintings (fusing / lampwork glass), sculptures (pate de verre), decorative objects (thermoforming / hammered glass, cutting, engraving), lampwork beads.

Daughter of a ceramist father (pottery, sculptures) : Bernard GUEROUT

And a mother photographer (subjects nature, high-speed): Marie-Claude GUEROUT


Exhibitions throughout France (the "Salon Métiers d'Art" of Nantes (44), "Les Arts du Feu" in Rennes (35), "La Fête du Feu" Vannes-le-Châtel (54), "Solidor Métiers d 'Art" at Saint-Malo (35), "La Ronde des Feux" at Chaource (10), the "Salon Pièces Unique" of Chateaugiron (35), the "Salon Artissime" of La Forêt Fouesnant (56), the exhibition of pate de verre "Les Islandaises" at the Halle à Marée in Cancale (35), the "Marché des Verriers" in Trélazé (49).


Member of the Perliers d'Art Association of France, APAF:

Its goal is to promote the creation of lampwork glass beads, through exhibitions, events, the dissemination of information on the techniques of flamework glass, the referencing of the artists in a catalog, or the organization of internships.


2010 :

1st Prize of the professional jury for the Glass Competition at Le Salon des Métiers d'Art in Nantes (44).

Public Prize in collaboration with Philippe Turgot blacksmith, "Solidor Métiers d'Art" (35).


2009 :

Prize "La relève" at the Salon des Métiers d'Art "Artissime" in La Forêt Fouesnant (56).

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